MEC - 360 degree feedback

We’re committed to your ongoing professional and personal development and the continual journey you’re making.

In true MEC fashion, we believe it’s important for everyone to invite feedback on themselves; to identify their core strengths and to help focus on areas to encourage further personal growth, both within their roles and within our business.

This multi score approach will give you quality insight into how your key contacts perceive you; sometimes this may be different from what you think.  You’ll be able to view your results by competency category and by respondent group to help you maximise the benefit this feedback can provide.  The feedback will also give you a summary of your key strengths and any areas you may score relatively low.

Your first step will be to think about who’s best placed to invite feedback from (max 12); a mixture of people you work closely with on a day to day basis such as your team, your line manager, your peers, your clients and possibly your media partners.

Secondly, you need to get them ‘approved’ by your line manger to ensure you haven’t missed anyone out who may be able to provide invaluable feedback.  Then you’ll need to give P&C the names, full e-mail addresses and detail their relationship with you.

Thirdly, you’ll need to advise your respondents that they will receive an e-mail and link to the 360 report to complete the questionnaire within an agreed timeframe.   Please assure them that all feedback is anonymous and they should answer it honestly.  The online system will generate regular reminders until the deadline date for completion is reached.

Any questions, simply ask P&C.